by Shawn Jesseman

Released 2017
Released 2017
Shawn Jesseman's second album, "Orion", is a musical journey into the mind of a man at a crossroads. Confusion, sorrow and memories of a muddled past come up in this latest offering.
An often loud, somewhat dark piece of rock and roll we have here.
A heavier album musically, vocally and lyrically than his previous album, "Arise", Shawn Jesseman's "Orion" is quite the rollercoaster.
This time around, Jesseman delivers an all-out war with himself.
This is a piece of music that is simple in a very complex way.
Jesseman hammers a plethora of chords relentlessly as he charges through this guitar-driven album depicting a desperate man "afraid to live but more afraid to die".
From the beginning of "Orion", the albums lengthy, nine minute title track, to the final words of the emotionally dark "Turn the Radio On", this album leaves listeners feeling almost uneasy but nervously excited for what may come from this artist in the future.
"Orion" is an album that will keep you up at night wondering if you are sad, afraid, euphoric or all three at once.
From start to finish, love it or hate it...this is quite a meaningful album. And it goes deeper than might immediately be perceived.

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